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Clomid – active substance clomiphene citrate. In men, clomiphene entering the body acts as an antiestrogen by blocking estrogen receptors and thereby binding them. Also, the drug prevents the negative feedback – the influence of estrogens on the hypothalamus and thus it affects the increased production of gonadotropins by the pituitary gland, and that further increases the production system of sexual organism – hormones – testosterone. A similar effect in the body, and tamoxifen, which you can also buy at our site. According to some studies, tamoxifen recognized slightly more effective, but also more toxic as compared to Clomid.

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Why should I buy Clomid bodybuilders?

Certain steroids, such as methane (Methandrostenolone, Dianabol) Turinabol, capable of entering the bloodstream, aromatized and converted into the female sex hormones. This leads to some undesirable effects to the end of the course. At the same time, other steroidal agents such Retabolil (Stanozolol) or Winstrol®, oxandrolone, practically do not possess this unpleasant effect. Read more

In any case, if you choose for your course of steroid, which obviously is able to rapidly convert to estrogen, it is advisable to buy Clomid and start taking it.

It is worth remembering that as estrogen Clomed preparation after the course of anabolic effect is weaker than, for example, Nolvadex, Tamoxifen or Proviron.

Sometimes this alternatively Pregnil antiestrogen agent is used, which is a preparation of human chorionic gonadotropin. However, these two means of action completely different mechanisms.

Side effects

This antiestrogenic agent is safe, because it has almost no side effects. This is also the reviews of clomid, which can be found in large numbers on the Internet.

Relatively rare undesirable effect – is blurred vision, which is manifested in the form of circles before my eyes. If all of a sudden there was a bodybuilder this symptom, then the drug should be stopped immediately.

Women who take this drug, sometimes there are pains in the lower abdomen, which caused an increase in size of the ovaries.

Where to buy Clomid for an attractive price?

Today you can buy Clomid in many pharmacies. Also it is offered to bodybuilders in many online stores dedicated to sports pharmacology.

But if you decide to buy Clomid in a drugstore, then the price can differ from a small to very high, and he’s sold as a drug, the use of which is not provided by bodybuilders. Details

In the online stores you can easily run into a cheap knockoff. We invite you to sports pharmacology, which is guaranteed to have a high level of quality.

Instructions for use Clomid

The optimal dosage of the drug on the day, which should not exceed – 50 – 100 mg, which corresponds to 1 – 2 tablets.

Effective recovery of the level of sex hormones male at this dose possible within 10 – 14 days of admission. It is not necessary to increase the dosage and duration of the course of Clomid, because it definitely will not lead to an increase in its efficiency, but increase the risk of side effects.

Other drugs that are used as an adjunct to steroid treatment

Clomed refers to anti-estrogen drugs, and its main effect is due to inhibition of estrogen action.

In addition, it is sometimes desirable to take the so-called boosters testosterone, which, for example, Tribulus relates. A drying useful fat burners, among which in the first place it is worth noting Clenbuterol.

You can also read the article about the drug.

Clomid online: instructions for use in bodybuilding

Clomid (Clomiphene) – the active substance clomiphene citrate belongs to the class of selective estrogen receptor blocker.

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Trade name Clomid – klostilbegit.

When receiving, clomiphene citrate, the active substance binds to estrogen receptors, blocking the effects of estrogen in the male.

Clomid, as we pointed out above, is a selective anti-estrogen. This means that the Clomid acts not in all tissues of the body, such as tamoxifen.

Acts Clomid mainly in:

  • hypophysitis
  • testicles

In all other body tissues Clomid acts practically does not show. Based on this wrong is the use of Clomid in bodybuilding as an antiestrogen on a course of steroids. Details

Clomid before and after the

Clomid citrate – a highly effective drug for the recovery of natural testosterone production after a course of anabolic steroids. By binding to receptors in the testes and pituitary on Clomid pips rips negative feedback. (Estrogen acting in the pituitary gland, as it shows that a lot of sex hormones, and should reduce the production of testostrona) Reception on Clomid pips, starts the process in the opposite direction.

I recommend using Clomid after the course, only if the course is included progestin – nandrolone, trenbolone. In all other cases, preference is given to Tamoxifen. Although, if you buy Clomid, you could mistakenly or on availability in your area, then he comes after the course of any steroids.

Prior to the course, clomiphene to prevent estrogen -dependent side effects, does not bear any practical use. As a last resort, as the antiestrogen tamoxifen use on the course.

If you face the challenge to reduce estrogen levels, “score” gynecomastia, on the course, use of aromatase inhibitors – anastrozole buy


Clomid begin to apply only togoda when steroid sent to act in the body. If you started taking Clomid citrate before the end of the period of the steroid, then you did it for nothing, in the shuffle. Renovated arc pituitary gland – the hypothalamus – the testes in this case will not occur.

Since the use of the prerogative of Clomid we give courses involving nandrolone and trenbolone, we start to take Clomid:

  • trenbolone acetate – 2 days after the last injection
  • trenbolone enanthate – 14 days after the last injection
  • Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate trenbolone (Parabolan) after 16 days.
  • nandrolone decanoate – 20 days
  • Nandrolone phenylpropionate – 6 days

Clomid dosage

Dolizovka clomiphene citrate depends on the severity and course of steroids is as follows:

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Clomid in bodybuilding for beginners|Clomid for sale

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Clomed (Clomid) is a synthetic estrogen, which is used in the sport as an anti-estrogen.

As you probably already know, just come to our site, without hormones at normal levels in any sport other than chess, curling and other Labuda, do nothing. If your favorite sport of bodybuilding, the fans and for the progress Klomidsteroidy needed. Without them, many will not notice that you generally do. When using steroids there are many side effects such as water retention, and gynecomastia (increased nipples) and the reason for this increased level of estrogen in the body of the athlete. To eliminate these side effects, and there is a class of drugs such as anti-estrogens including Clomed (Clomid).

Why increased estrogen levels in athletes using steroids? Male body can not produce the female sex hormone estrogen, and it appears in the Athlete’s body only after conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone. And it turns out this way the most powerful of female sex hormones – estradiol. The process of conversion is due to the aromatase enzyme called aromatization.

Antiestrogens certainly not invented to athletes who use a huge amount of Sustanon, did not go to the female breast. They were originally designed for women who have an excessive amount of estrogen in the body. A grossly overestimated the amount of estrogen could lead to infertility. As a result, medical anti-estrogens are used to prevent disorders of the ovarian stimulation and ovulation in women. Details

Antiestrogens are divided into two groups:

  1. Aromatase inhibitors – do not give testosterone converted into the female hormone estrogen, particularly estradiol.
  2. Estrogen Receptor – block estrogen receptors and thus estradiol does not show his negative qualities. This group and refers Clomed (Clomid).

Clomed (Clomid) – a synthetic estrogen, getting into the body it starts to affect the estrogen receptors and blocks with the much more powerful estrogen – estradiol, which is formed by the process of flavoring. Because of this, when properly selected dosage, symptoms of gynecomastia, and excess water in the body can be eliminated. It is worth noting that Clomed (Clomid) weaker than anti-estrogenic effects of tamoxifen. And action / price loses much Tamoxifen and therefore mainly used in the exchange rate after the therapy to speed up the natural testosterone athlete. It should be noted that many and to accelerate natural testosterone also prefer Tamoxifen.

On FCT Clomed (Clomid) acts on the arc of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes and stimulates the pituitary gland to release more gonadotropin in and thus increases the amount of luteinizing hormone in the blood. With this endogenous testosterone recovers faster. And in this period will be restored faster than its own production of testosterone, the more muscle mass and strength, typing on a course, you save.

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